Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best Invention Since Beer

Problem: You have a cold can of beer in your hand. Well, not too bad of a problem. But, the coldness of the beer will eventually reach your hand through conduction. Your first thought is...koozie. Done. Well, koozies have some drawbacks. The biggest drawback in my mind is that a koozie won't make you fashionable at a party. You will just look like some frat boy who found a koozie in his back pocket from those pants that weren't washed since the last party.

Solution: The Can Grip! Way cooler than a koozie, and way more practical. Good beer only comes in cans now. Everybody knows that since Wynkoop Railyard Ale started being consumed from cans this past fall. Not that I am biased or anything. If you drink your beer by using one of these... instant coolness. No longer a hungover frat boy, but a sophisticated consumer of craft beer. The best part? Coors cans are too tall to fit in them.


drinks said...

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Chris Mycoskie said...

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